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  •  New Tea tasting reporting with each invoice being given attention, thoroughly analyzed and reported on. Our reporting highlights the key attributes that the market is paying premium for.
  •  Visits to the buyer offices for tea tasting in order th understand what quality attributes they look for, strengthen our working rapport and get intelligence on the happenings in the markets they serve.
  •  Generating customized reports for comparative performance analysis consultation with the factpries in order to draw up mitigation measures to achieve better performance.
  • New Account Management Protocol where each Tea Executive has been allocated  specific factories to handle the end to end Management that includes tea tasting and reporting, liaison with the key sales and marketing contacts, soliciting for support and feedback from the buyers including sale of the out lots and generating and sharing bespoke reports:
  • Factory Visits: Our visits to the factory is to present and have a discussion on the made tea quality trends/attributes, mark performance in the different grades, buyer activity trends.
  • Relevant industry data/information mining and sharing with our customers; Weather reports, industry reports and other happenings that are relevant to the tea industry.
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